Automotive LED Lights

Vehicle & Offroad

Driving in the Outback has its own special thrill. The wind whips in your hair as the stars shine above you. But as you swerve to avoid a rock in the road, you feel grateful for the strong LED light guiding your way in the dark.

At Creative Lighting Solution Aust., we appreciate the thrill of the great outdoors. We also know that outdoor sports don't come with electricity at night. That's why we offer powerful, long-lasting sports & recreation LED lights.

Most of our vehicle bulb products are using the CREE or EPISTAR LED chips technology to ensure the powerful quality.

Our Selection

You can find LED lights to fit any of your outdoor interests, including camping, fishing, motorbike riding, boating, SUV off-road driving, exploring and 4x4 riding. Our easy online store makes our lights available far beyond Melbourne.

Whether you need lights for your car or lights to carry with you, we supply all your outdoor needs. The LED lights we carry include:

  • Car headlight kits
  • Brake tail signal lights
  • Portable work lights
  • Fog lights
  • Off-road driving lights
  • Car brake lights
  • Portable torch lights

You can order our sports and recreation LED lights whether you live in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia. Just scroll through our products below and click 'add to cart' for any items you want. Then, pack your car and start exploring the great outdoors!