Architectural and Commercial LED Lights

Commercial & Architecture

At CLSA LED we offer a range of the best retrofit fitting, battens, diffusers and reflector systems for your commercial or architectural lighting applications. As part of our lighting service we offer microwave sensor lighting. This is a technology which offers a range of benefits including automatic controls for lighting, heating and ventilation control. As a superior product for presence detectors, this type of lighting works well to manage energy consumption in that it turns off the relevant light, heat and ventilation when it’s needlessly left on. In addition to this kind of performance, microwave lighting contributes to workplace safety by automatically lighting dark places.

As a lighting system that is sensitive to movement, it’s perfect for a large space or areas that have odd shapes and that need a particular type of lighting system that is adaptive and responsive. With the microwave lighting system being nuanced and designed for maximum performance, it’s perfect for the office that needs a tailored solution. Our microwave sensor lights offer the best solution for a large-scale 24 hours lighting operation. Microwave sensor is still a new technology in Melbourne Australia and something really economical and practical for everyday use. As you need careful consideration to be given to the location of microwave sensors, you need to ensure that you have a professional team working with you to deliver the best outcome. Get in touch with our knowledgeable and friendly team today to find out how we can create a solution for your office.