The Importance of Eco-Friendly Lighting

Date Posted:16 September 2016 

At Creative Lighting Solutions Aust, we know that we have a responsibility to steer homeowners in the right direction, when it comes to lighting products and solutions. For the good of the planet and the health of your energy bills, that direction is eco-friendly bulbs and fixtures. If you are not investing in green technology yet, now is the time to get onboard.

We all know that the earth is slowly heating up. What we can’t know for sure is how bad the consequences will be if we don’t come together to reverse the trend. This is why governments and environmental experts recommend the use of efficient, economic low energy bulbs, in place of standard ones. Fortunately, Creative Lighting Solutions has all the eco-friendly LED lighting options that you could ever need.

This guide to some of the easiest ways to cut your energy usage will help you run a leaner, greener, and more beautiful home.


Shop for Energy Efficient Bulbs

The most energy efficient bulbs on the market are LEDs. They come in a huge variety of different forms and styles as well. From garden lights to lanterns, standard bulbs, work, panel, rechargeable, and even vehicle lights; no matter where you need to sparkle, LEDs can help you do it. We sell all kinds of fixtures and solutions, so don’t hesitate to get on our website and browse the online store. On average, swapping a single standard bulb for an LED can save you as much as $40.


Say Good Morning to the Sun

It is important not to forget the role of natural daylight too. As consumers and homeowners, we tend to fixate on the wrong things sometimes. If we’re worried about energy usage and global warming, we look to innovative products and new technological developments. What we often fail to do alongside this is, simply, open up our homes to nature. If you want to use less electricity, find ways to illuminate your house with natural sunlight. Swap heavy lined drapes for lighter fabrics. Rearrange your home, so that you can carry out daytime activities in rooms that are lighter during the afternoon.


Invest in a High Quality Skylight

If you have the budget for it, the addition of a skylight is a wonderful thing for a home. It allows natural light to flood in and illuminate attic bedrooms, bathrooms, and studies. Plus, low energy LEDs can be positioned around the frame and used when the sun goes down. That way, you’ve got a feature that is consistently eco-friendly, day in and day out. Like energy efficient bulbs, high quality skylights do end up paying for themselves given enough time. For this reason, they are an attractive and effective investment in your future.


Stick to a Regular Sleep Schedule

This last tip has profound consequences for not just energy efficiency, but general health and wellbeing too, so it is worth your consideration. Sleep is hugely important for human beings. Our bodies and minds crave it, because it gives them a chance to rest and process experiences. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll quickly start to feel ropey. This is why it is important to stick to a regular sleep and waking cycle. Go to bed at around the same time every night and, eventually, your brain will come to expect it and you’ll nod off much faster. The extra benefit is that, with a regular sleep cycle, you’re not using unnecessary electric with lights, television sets, phone chargers, and reading lamps.


Let Creative Lighting Solutions Help You ‘Go Green’

At Creative Lighting Solutions, we offer a huge variety of different LED bulbs, fixtures, fittings, and solutions. Whether you need green lighting for your car, home office, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, you’ll find it in our online store. Plus, we deliver direct to your door, with all orders being sent out within 24 hours of payment. So, it is time for you to join the green revolution and show your environment that you care.

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