How to Save Your Business Money With Modern Lighting Solutions

Date Posted:22 February 2016 

If you're building a new office or renovating your current office, electricity is one of your biggest considerations. You know about modern solutions such as LEDs, motion sensors and dimmable lights-but you worry that these solutions are beyond your budget.

According to statistics from the energy economics consultant CME, electricity prices in Australia are significantly higher than prices in other countries like the United States and Canada. Thus, saving money on electricity should be an important goal for your business.

Here, we'll show you how modern lighting solutions can actually save your business money over time.


Yes, LED lights cost more than incandescent bulbs. But over time, LED lights will save your business a lot of money on electricity.

Just think about this: if your office has 100 60-watt bulbs, you'll use 6,000 watts to light your office. On the other hand, an equivalent LED bulb uses just 9.5 watts of electricity, so you'll use just 950 watts to light your office.

Thus, you save 5,050 watts when you light your office with LED lights. According to CME statistics for 2011, the average electricity cost in Australia was a whopping 24 cents per kilowatt hour. With 5,050 fewer watts from LEDs, think how much money you could save on electricity each month.

Fortunately, LEDs aren't as expensive as they used to be either. You can purchase a powerful 5500K LED bulb for $45.

Motion Sensors

No employee is perfect, so of course some of your employees will forget to turn off the lights when they leave a room. If this happens every day in several different rooms, you're wasting a lot of electricity.

In this case, you need motion-sensing lights. These lights turn on when they sense someone moving toward them. If they don't sense any more movement after a period of time (usually about 45 seconds), they turn back off. This equates to significant electricity savings.

Motion-sensing lights are especially important in facilities that are open 24 hours a day. The electricity costs for a full building during a 24-hour period can be astronomical. Motion-sensing lights give your employees light when they need it and where they need it without wasting electricity throughout the day.

Dimmable Lights

In the past, a light always gave off as much light as it could when turned on. This light could be glaring, especially if you decided to open the window coverings and let in the sunlight at the same time. Fortunately, dimmable lights give you the opportunity to adjust your light's levels. This doesn't only save your employees' eyesight; it also helps you save on electricity bills.

A dimmer saves between 4% and 9% in electricity even at its highest lighting setting, with those numbers increasing as you dim the lights.

The Heschong Mahone Group estimates you can save up to 20% in electricity if you incorporate dimmers. Similarly, you can save up to 60% if you incorporate both dimmers and motion sensors.

And yes, LED lights can be used for dimmers as well. Dimmers even keep LED lights cooler, extending their lifespan. You'll need to either find LEDs that work with your current dimmers or purchase new LED-compatible dimmers. Ask a lighting company for more information.


When you renovate your office or build a new office, you worry about how much money it costs for modern features like furniture. But when you incorporate modern lighting solutions in your office, you can feel assured that these solutions are worthwhile financial investments. In a short period of time, these features accrue financial savings that help them pay for themselves.

With modern lighting solutions like LEDs, motion sensors and dimmable lights, you save your company money and help increase revenue. Talk to a lighting specialist today about which features are best for your office.

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