How LED Lights Impact Your Staff

Date Posted:2 September 2016 

According to a recent study, around 68% of employees are not satisfied with the quality of light in their workspaces. For 24%, the problem is a lack of brightness and bulbs that are too dim. They strain the eyes and make it difficult to focus for long periods. Not only does this pose a health risk for the eyes in general, it has a serious impact on workplace productivity levels. Whether a person works in a hotel, a restaurant, or on a shop floor, good light is essential.

Fortunately, Creative Lighting Solutions has the answer. We provide a varied range of LED bulbs, fixtures, fittings, and products at affordable prices. LED is the best choice for commercial spaces, because it is the most energy efficient form of task based lighting. It creates comfortable, compatible work environments, while also keeping costs low and having a minimal effect on the environment.

Keep reading to find out more about the numerous benefits of switching to LED lighting solutions today.


The Potential Savings Are Huge

While it would be nice if we could all make the switch to eco-friendly lighting simply because we care about the earth, the reality is that cost must be considered. In fact, cost savings are the primary reason why most businesses upgrade to LED lighting solutions. High quality products are designed to shine for a staggering 50,000 hours. This equates to five years of constant use, so it is easy to see why LED is such a sensible investment. With no need to replace bulbs, you’ll save on not just operational expenses, but maintenance expenses too.


Good Lighting Increases Security

The bods over at LEDified have been discussing the security benefits of upgrading to better lighting. With clear, bright, and reliable task lighting, there is less chance of trips and falls. Employees will be able to get around safely and won’t ever be expected to rummage for stock, files, or other items in the dark. This is one of the most basic responsibilities that you have towards your staff members, so it is really important that you provide the right tools. Plus, good lighting can be used to fully illuminate the exterior of a premises and deter would be intruders.


Boosts Productivity and Focus

Traditional incandescent bulbs get the job done, but they come with lots of downsides. Apart from being vastly inefficient, they also produce huge amounts of excess heat. This can quickly fill a room, particularly in the summer, and make employees feel hot, stuffy, and distracted. LED bulbs and fixtures don’t have this problem, because they direct all of their energy into creating clean, focused light sources. It is certainly worth thinking about an upgrade to LED if your business is located in an especially hot or arid part of the country.


Cleaner, Leaner, and Greener

And, finally, we can’t leave without reminding you of just how eco-friendly LED lighting is when compared with incandescent and CFL bulbs. The earth is getting warmer and there are all kinds of disastrous consequences. It is tempting, as business owners and human beings, to look no further than our own doorsteps; to see no change in our immediate lives and reject the need for green solutions. Yet, the reality is that, all over the world, natural environments are dying and a universal commitment to greener, cleaner products is essential.


Shop with Creative Lighting Solutions Today

At Creative Lighting Solutions, we care about the quality of your business. This is why we provide state of the art LED lighting solutions that are guaranteed to boost productivity, keep employees happy, and expand your green credentials. Whether you’re looking for wall sconces, lanterns, track lights, recessed fixtures, or industrial panel lights; we’ve got everything that you need.

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