Going Camping? Don't Forget These 8 Things

Date Posted:30 November 2015 

You're about to leave on a camping adventure in the great outdoors. You've packed your tent, your air mattress and your fire kit. But beyond the basic camping gear, there are several other supplies you should be sure to remember.

1. Torch Light/Emergency Light

You've probably planned to pack a torch light. If you need to use the toilet or check on a strange noise in the middle of the night, you'll want a powerful torch light that's easily rechargeable.

But make sure your torch light has emergency features as well. Some torch lights have a flashing mode. If you get lost, the flashing emergency light can help people find you quickly.

2. Reading Light

With electricity in your home, you can easily read at any time of the day or night. But how can you read a book, magazine or newspaper when you're in the outdoors at night? Bring along a reading light. Choose a reading light that's small, easy to carry and rechargeable.

3. Toilet Paper

You may take for granted all the hygiene products you can easily find at home. But when you're far away from civilization, you might not have access to these products. Bring a few rolls of toilet paper just in case. You should also bring along some hand sanitiser.

4. Portable Cooler

Finding food to bring on a camping trip can be difficult. If you bring only non-refrigerated food, you have limited options to choose from. But if you bring along a cooler with ice, you can bring:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Pasta
  • Chicken
  • Tortilla wraps
  • Sandwiches
  • Fish

Cooler-stored foods are safe to eat if the temperature inside the cooler stays below four degrees Celsius. If the food sits in higher temperatures, it will become unsafe to eat within two hours. Use as much ice as possible to keep the cooler at a safe temperature. And make sure to pack raw meat at the bottom of the cooler so it stays cold longer.

5. Compass or GPS

Even if you have a great internal compass, you can still get lost when you're in the middle of nowhere. And chances are, your mobile phone won't get reception where you are. You can find your way back to your campsite with a compass or GPS.

6. Water Purification

Water at campsites usually contains bacteria and isn't safe to drink. You have two options to purify the water:

  • Chemical tablets. You add these tablets to the water, and the chemicals kill the bacteria.
  • Filters. You add water to the container, and it removes the bacteria.

Filters are typically preferred to tablets because tablets may not be able to kill every type of bacteria. Make sure your filter can remove both protozoa and bacteria. Note that some filters have poor pore-size efficiency and may not remove all harmful substances.

7. Pocket Knife

If there's ever a time you'll need your pocket knife, it's during a camping trip. After all, you won't have room to bring all the tools you use at home. You could use the different tools on your multi-purpose knife to cut down branches in your way, to prepare fish you catch and to open packages.

8. Rope

Rope is one of the most useful camping supplies. You could use it to:

  • Hang up wet clothes on a line.
  • Hang your food to keep it away from animals.
  • Tie down supplies in your truck.
  • Haul canoes.
  • Tie up sleeping bags.

Keep several different types of rope on hand, such as bungee cords, parachute cords and climbing rope.


With these supplies, you'll be prepared for anything your camping trip throws at you. Gather these supplies today and get ready to thrive in the great outdoors.

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