10W Portable Rechargeable LED Work Light

Magnetic Stand, IP65 Rank and USB Charge Cable

Product Model: K-YC-010A

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10W Rechargeable LED Work Light with Magnetic Stand  - Melbourne Wholesale & Retail

Portable Flood Light with IP65 protection grade and USB interface for smart phones or tablet PCs recharge 

Anywhere work is getting done quality light is always a prior concern, will there be enough, how will it get into this narrow spot, etc. CLSA is launching a series of improved high power rechargeable and portable led lights to resolve these issues.  

Normally people use traditional work light with a standard high power halogen bulb and plugs into standard 240v, but what if you need to be away from a power source or don't want to risk burning yourself. With a high performance Samsung battery powered LED work light solves all these issues. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts more than 9 hours on a single charge. So far it has longest operating time after a full charge among led rechargeable floodlights. It allows you to be unplugged and by utilizing LED technology it never gets too hot to touch. With it's strong magentic stand, it extends your work limits largely. One more outstanding feature is the amazing USB interface cable which can charge your smart phone or tablet PCs at anytime.     

The IP65 water proof housing with rubber handle and top guarantee a strong weather resistance no matter you are fishing or repairing a car in emergency. A super bright COB LED behind a strong anti-shock tamper glass to illuminate anything it's put up against.

With it, you will never be bothered to change the fragile halogen bulb again after an unexpected fall down to the ground. For fishing and camping lovers, a more peaceful environment will be given because the LED light source can attract much less insects than traditional halogen bulbs.  

It also comes with a cigarette car charge and a certified 240V adaptor. It is perfect for many applications, such as night constructing, renovating, camping, night fishing, cave adventuring, emergency repairing, etc. It’s really a good tool in your car boot for multi-purposed usage.    

Why choose this product? You will know the answer when you compare our product with the average one in market. 


Suitable for multiple applications including:

                     ☀ Renovating
                     ☀ Workshop
                     ☀ Night Construction
                     ☀ Emergency


(Model Number:K-YC-010A)

  • Real more than 9 hours operating LED rechargeable portable work light
  • Super long life with quality lithium battery 
  • Real professional IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof LED work light
  • Quality tempered glass with excellent anti-shock protection 
  • Magnetic stand makes the work more flexible and safer
  • Powerful battery can recharge your mobiles and tablet PC at any time via USB cable


Power: 10W
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC or 12VDC / 24VDC
Light Output: 800-900LM
Charge Time: 8 hours
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery (8800mAh)
Battery Run Time: more than 9 hours
Protection Grade: IP65 (dust proof and water proof)
Warrenty: One year
Size: L165mm x W150mm x H230mm
What in the box per unit:
1 x LED floodlight lamp
1 x adapter (AC 100~240V)
1 x cigarette/car charger (DC 12V-24V)
1 x USB charger (DC 8V-15V)
1 x magnetic stand

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1 September 2015
strong magnectic stand, really long operating time

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